What Should I Expect From a Personal Development Life Coaching Process?

What is the life coaching process that Michael J. Emery uses with his clients?

I get this question quite often.

Is there a path that I follow during life coaching? Do address certain things in specific orders?

Not particularly…

Oh, oh, oh can we create a timeline and write down goals?

Sure – if that’s something that has worked for you in the past… 🙂

Three Steps in My Life Coaching Process for Personal Development

There are three specific steps in my life coaching process that occur when I work with a client.

Putting Out the Personal Development Fires

The very first step is to put out what I refer to as: the immediate fires. It’s like triage. How do we get a client up to speed? Whether that’s making more money, smoothing out relationship challenges, health changes, and esteem improvements. identify client’s current beliefs about him/herself and what their desires are at the present time. This is about solving the daily dilemmas and crisis that arise.

As this is occurring, a client will begin to become consciously aware of the beliefs that operate within their paradigm. Sometimes the client actually isn’t ready to identify beliefs. Some people just want a situational change. Usually though, while working with a person during their first few sessions – seemingly unrelated elements in other areas of his/her life will begin to come up and this person will be faced with addressing them. When those elements that “pop up” are addressed they often reveal the beliefs that created them in the first place. Addressing and identifying the client’s beliefs is the second step.

Use a Life Coaching Process Designed to Re-Coding Old Associative Learnings from Childhood

As human beings, we learn through association. Responsibility we have during our proactive personal development is to rewrite the nonbeneficial associative learnings from childhood. Every thing that happens to us, serves to reinforce or create a belief that operates within our current paradigm. (This might be philosophically heavy for some people, and if so think of it like this: you’ll notice whatever you pay attention to… if you like shiny, new, red cars then you probably won’t notice all the old white ones out there.) There are various life coaching techniques and life coaching ideas that each individual coach will use but the most effective approach that actually answers how does life coaching work is found in changing conditioned responses to one’s environment and building upon these successes.

So, where I’m going with this is that whatever happened in your life includes the entire environment during that situation – yes, all the stuff you didn’t notice or were not paying attention to at the time. Most of us create a cause and effect relationship in our mind. “That thing” happened to me in the past and that’s why I am who I am today.

Well, maybe…? We just don’t have enough information to conclude that one distant event defines ALL of who you are today and what you are capable of tomorrow.

As these realizations begin to dawn in a client’s mind, a lot of flexibility enters into the coaching session and we spend less time working on putting out the “fires” and more time creating a resourceful belief system.

Using A Life Coaching Process To Develop the Inner Resources Necessary For Proactive Personal Development

Lastly, in the third step there is the point when a client’s focus shifts from having problems and challenges to just wanting more resources. He/She has learned how to manage his/her emotional states and understands how to use anchors, synesthesias, swish patterns, and all the techniques to his/her advantage. This is the point that a client realizes that personal development or self-actualization is a journey. We heal ourselves and find ourselves in a position to heal others – in turn, we think bigger and face the challenges of growth and must grow and heal again. It’s a process. It’s change. And, it’s one of the few things you can count on with consistency. 🙂

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