Erickson Self Hypnosis Techniques – What Was Milton Erickson’s Unique Approach to Hypnosis

“The reason why many people suffer from emotional and mental afflictions is because they are out of rapport with their unconscious minds…

Milton Erickson was a very controversial and influential person in the field of hypnosis. It could be said that he perfected conversational hypnosis and self hypnosis and was able to create phenomenal results in his hypnosis clients. A great deal of the success Milton Erickson had with self hypnosis came with the experience he had from recovering from the near-fatal case of polio during his adolescence that left him totally paralyzed. All he could do was move his eyes and listen, and in doing so, Erickson refined his senses and in doing so turned personal tragedy into an opportunity to develop the field of conversational hypnosis which later became known as Ericksonian hypnosis or indirect hypnosis.

One Might Say You’re Free to Stop Looking For Hypnosis Downloads Now That You’re Reading This…

This free hypnosis audio provides an overview of Ericksonian Hypnosis – the field of indirect hypnosis from which neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) was developed. As the listener begins to understand that all communication is hypnotic by nature, then one can begin to change the words being used. We are our own best hypnotists and often the language we use frees us or limits us in our overall experience of life.

Conversational Hypnosis is an Art That Milton Erickson Perfected And You Can Go Into A Deep Trance Very Soon, Can’t You.

If you are serious about your personal development, then understanding the unconscious side of communication is an absolute must. Words reflect our souls; our words, our minds, our beliefs… Change your words and you change your life.

Learn how Milton Erickson influenced the field of self hypnosis, and experiences why Experience Trance is one of the top hypnosis downloads explaining conversational hypnosis.


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