The Power of NLP Nominalizations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

How to Detect Nominalizations With Your NLP Coaching Clients

You probably have better things to do than sit around trying to figure out what adjectives and verbs you can turn into a noun… But this is the process of identifying NLP normalizations and there uncanny way of raising a process in ones internal representation.


Exactly! NLP nominalizations is what we are talking about because they dramatically affect our perceptions of reality!

But, what we aren’t paying attention often has a subtle affect upon our lives… This is the power and beauty of neuro-linguistic programming techniques because they help us to chunk down and perceive the specifics in communication. Something as simple as neuro-linguistic eye movement patterns reveal that there is an entire aspect of life that we typically overlook. Most NLP techniques change our linguistic patterns which have an transformational effect upon our neurology.

Here are some common examples of NLP nominalizations on this list of nominalization examples:

Verb / Adjective

discover discovery
careless carelessness
move movement
difficult difficulty
react reaction
different difference
fail failure
applicable applicability
refuse refusal
intense intensity

As you read through this list, I wonder if you noticed the severity or the permanency of the word when it becomes a noun. For me, it’s like the word becomes fixed in time.

NLP Nominalizations Explain How The Structure of Words Freeze or Suspend Action

So, what’s the big deal about NLP nominalizations?

Well, its a very subtle big deal when a process is nominalized. Think about it in the context of a relationship. How much room do we give people with whom we are in a relationship the flexibility they need to change? Often the thought of our significant other changing isn’t a comfortable one for us… Yet, a relationship is a process of relating to another person and this involves change. Nonetheless many people get into the default habit of using the word relationship which implies something that is more permanent than a process. It literally transforms the process of relating from a verb into a noun. When such an NLP nominalization occurs all sorts of problems begin to raise their heads because the opportunity change, flexibility, and evolution have been placed outside of the relationship.

Is the Solution to Your Problems Found in NLP Nominalizations Theory?

The same could be said for depression – its the nominalization of the process of depressing. Most of the clients I have worked with who find themselves “stuck” in depression can easily point to a place on their body where they feel it the most. Typically their chests, solar plexuses, and stomachs. When I ask how they are depressing it, the clients get a confused look on their face. When I ask them how I can learn to begin depressing myself they don’t know. But, when I ask them to tell me about the last time they felt depressed a client will talk him or herself into that state and their physiology will change. They will slump forward, slouch, their voice will become low, quiet, and monotone. So there I’ve got the process – now I just need to learn what the synesthesia is – that is, how they know how to begin the process of depression.

Using NLP Nominalizations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Reconnect With Living as a Process

Many things in life are actually processes. We have strategies that allow us to begin a process for most of our behavior. We’re just not aware of them because the processes happen unconsciously. This is the beauty of Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). These modalities provide tools for us to change our behavior and end limiting beliefs.

If something in this post catches your attention and your curious to identify what has been happening in your life so that you can change it, then by all means get in touch with me. There are lots of things that can be changing in your life – changing into exactly what you want them to be…


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