What is Procrastination and How do You Overcome Procrastination to Finally Stop Procrastinating

If you really want to stop procrastinating, then you need to understand how to alter your perceptions of time. This is the real secret to overcome procrastination habits.

How often does “I’ll do it tomorrow…” Turn into next week, next month or even next year? Stop procrastinating now with Put Off Procrastination 1.0.

Consider this – how many times have you heard about people who have done great things; amazing things in life. Often, the common theme is that they finally became so sick and tired of not doing what was important to them that they decided overcome procrastination and accomplished great things.

It was this realization that suddenly pushed them forward and they set out to make things happen – despite fear and despite what other people thought was possible for them. And, once they started moving, they found a building source of momentum to stop procrastinating.

Two Important Procrastination Quotes Reveal the Meaning of Procrastination

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.” – Napoleon Hill

“How we live our days is how we live our lives.” – Annie Dillard

Procrastination has many meanings attached to it and they are all personal, subjective procrastination meanings for you. For some it is guilt, for others it is shame and for most it is a combination of anxiety and overwhelm. Well, you can change this and get some procrastination help with Put Off Procrastination 1.0 and stop procrastinating in less than an hour.

Stop Procrastinating Before the Effects of Procrastination Ruin Your Life

What if you were able to easily and effortlessly do the things that are uncomfortable, boring or overwhelming today; knowing deep down inside that this will lead to the success that you want to experience in the near future? Remember, you can get back to procrastinating later. Aren’t there important things that benefit your life and the lives of those around you that you really want to be doing… now?


***** Powered up!

This particular mp3 was quite empowering. I felt more energized and more focused. I made the mistake of listening before bed… really to see if it truly worked; it was like drinking 2 cups of coffee. Needless to say, I never got any sleep that night and nothing was left to procrastination! After I listen to the mp3 (usually in the morning before getting out of bed), there is no little doubt free floating in my mind. I just stay focused and work well through whatever task is at hand. I don’t put things aside to work on later.. we all know that pile! Well, when that pile starts showing up again, I know it’s time to listen to this mp3. I highly recommend. – D. Kikuchi


Learn how to stop procrastinating today and overcome procrastination habits by altering your perceptions of time.

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