Asking Yourself “Am I Depressed” or “Why Am I Feeling Blue…”?

You can turn off that internal voice asking “am I depressed?” and stop feeling blue by learning how to naturally change your internal state…

Many people experience depression in life, and it’s all for various reasons… For some, it seems never-ending and for others it may be circumstantial; coming and going. Others have a picture of a bleak, dreary future that is just a repeat of the past and this is a reason why they are feeling blue. If you’re someone with that lingering concern and internal questions like “am I depressed” keep in mind that there is an entire pharmaceutical industry and a billions of advertising dollars go into spreading the meme of depression into people’s lives. You can stop depression using the NLP reframing techniques in this program and at the cost of this $1 program it is practically free self hypnosis for depression.

Am I saying that depression doesn’t exist? Of course not there are certainly people with chemical imbalances! What I am saying is that hundreds of years ago, what is often referred to as depression or feeling blue today was called melancholy and it was considered a gift to many artists, poets and philosophers because it pushed them onward in their pursuits. Feeling blue or wondering “am I depressed” might just be unchanneled energy and artistic expression waiting to be expressed….

Statements Like “I M Depressed” Can Be Changed With Self Hypnosis for Depression

There is a way out of depression – when your entire world seems to be collapsing upon you – you can experience change. From Depression to Hope will show you powerful ways to reframe previously depressing experiences and this program will hold a space for you to create the changes you want, and resolve old challenges now. If you have ever experienced a time when you felt completely overwhelmed or pushed to the brink of depression, make one subtle, small change today.


Self Hypnosis is Your Most Powerful Ally In Fighting Depression

Maybe you have even wondered can hypnosis help depression or is hypnosis effective for depression, and it really is because hypnosis can help you to open new doors of possibility in your life. Add this program to your collection and as you prepare to listen to it consider how exactly you want your life to be different. How good do you want to feel? What specific emotions to you want to experience? What would be beneficial to fill that gnawing, empty void with that has taken up so much time in your life…?

There is always hope and self hypnosis for depression is one of the best tools to stop feeling blue quickly…




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