Guided Meditation with Music Helps with Stress Management Relaxation

When you use your own internal imagery, create your own imagined scenarios, visualize, and experience emotions as a result of guided meditation you can cause your body and mind to relax…

One of the the best ways to use stress management is through the use of guided meditation with music prior to falling asleep. Imagine this to be like planting seeds in the field of your unconscious and using specific relaxation techniques to allow you to let go of those daily stressful situations. What you pay attention to will permeate throughout your mind and body; resulting in the emotions, mindsets, and the actions that you experience in the future. The more you cultivate a practice applying stress management techniques before falling asleep, the healthier you will notice yourself feeling.

Relaxation Techniques and Guided Meditation to End Your Day

By creating a practice of continuously reviewing what you ideally want to experience, and learning to let go of all the things from the past that will never result in what you want to experience, you can learn to end your day perfectly. The guided meditation with music in this program will alter your brainwave frequency and place you into an optimal state to apply relaxation techniques and stress management techniques.

Stress Management Techniques to Help You Relax

This  program will empower you to let go of the past and place your focus upon the important things in the near future that you want to experience. Before you fall asleep you can rest assured that you are learning – and applying – the best stress management techniques and this will create numerous benefits in your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Tonight, place your past in the past and set your sights upon the future using this guided meditation program.


***** Relaxing
“I have listened to a lot of Michael’s programs, and this one is very relaxing with imagery that makes it so easy to let go of the day. Two thumbs up!” – Elsa Jacobs




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