July 2, 2024

The Next Smallest Step in Personal Development - Breaking Through Fear and Hesitation

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Your Personal Development Depends Upon Breaking Through Fear and Hesitation

How Personal Development Requires You to Challenge Yourself

Ever thought about doing something really big?

I mean something time-consuming. Important. Monumental...


I'll bet you have... in a way. Maybe it was college or participating in a sport? For others it may have been learning a musical instrument or traveling to a foreign country. There are countless possibilities.

For you, when you first considered what you were going to do it may have seemed overwhelming. To have tried to do it all at once would have been utterly overwhelming, if not impossible. Yet, you did it...

Getting lost in the process helps because it can distract the conscious mind, but from time to time you'll likely fall out of the flow and try to assess where you are in the process. This is fine, but how do you get back into the flow? You can probably relate to this - getting a strong start on a project and then running out of steam as all-of-a-sudden the fun project turns into a daunting task...

Use NLP and Hypnosis to Break Through Fear and Hesitation

Taking the next smallest step is the most effective way to get back into a state of flow where you are making steady progress toward what you want.

This is why personal development coaching is such a productive use of time. Challenges can be addressed in real-time as they come up. Because my approach to personal development coaching is based upon your unique needs and wants, precise, incremental steps can be used to rapidly reframe problems and create resources for your empowerment.



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