The Two Types of Life Problems Addressed in Personal Development Coaching

When it comes to personal development coaching, there are two types of problems that I routinely encounter: certainty and uncertainty. This is what most NLP anchoring techniques, NLP training, and a qualified personal growth coach will help you to work through: experiencing certainty when you want it and getting out of uncertainty when it isn’t beneficial to you…

NLP Techniques Applied to Personal Development Coaching

What brings a client to a life coach or personal development coach who uses hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to hold a space for personal change? In the context of a problem, it’s usually certainty. A client is certain he or she has a problem and they don’t know what to do about it.

On the other hand, a client may know that a potential solution to a challenge exists, but they are uncertain of how to go about integrating the solution into his or her life.

Outside of a problem-state (that is, the emotional funk we find ourselves in at times) this explanation of certainty and uncertainty might seem a bit rhetorical, but think about it…

Resolving Life Problems Through Personal Development Coaching

In the middle of a problem or when being faced with a challenge – tunnel vision ensues and we tend to limit potential options, if we don’t completely rule them out. A good coach will allow a client to reframe a challenge and create flexibility so that the options that do exist can be incorporated into a solution.

One of the biggest secrets out there is that most people have the same life problems! Ask any two people to make a list of life issues and you’ll find that they share most of the same common life problems. Personal development coaching can help resolve the primary issue that people face – that others might found out that you have the same life problems they have!

The more embarrassing and secretive your life problems are, the more likely it is that more people share them with you…

Put that in your pipe and smoke it… All that shit that you were worried about other people finding out about… well, statistically speaking, they more likely than not have the same issues. So what can you do? NLP techniques and personal development coaching help many people do the biggest thing: stop worrying about what others think and live your life.

Personal Development Coaching Breakthrough for Those Huge Life Problems

The number one breakthrough that you can have in personal development coaching is the realization that no one else cares about you life problems… they only care about their own life problems.

It isn’t complicated. In fact it is so simple once you let this sink in:

No else cares about your life problems… they only care about their own life problems.

You’re also going to find that very few people, except for you mom, dad, siblings and current lover actually care about you. Most people are only interested in what you can do for them. When you divert the tremendous amount of emotional energy that had been going into trying to be accepted by people who don’t really care about you, then you find that you’ve got a lot more bandwidth to pursue the things that are meaningful to you… alone. By “alone” I mean the stuff that you care about. Essentially, you’re free to geek out and be a nerd about the things that you like because you like and who gives a damn what others think. This is how personal development coaching that integrates the most powerful NLP techniques can empower you to move beyond a limiting past and into a future that you create by design.

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