Two of the Best Forgiveness Quotes to Let Go and Forgive and Forget

Let go – forgive and forget to create a clean slate to excel in your personal development…

“Life is an adventure in forgiveness.” –  Norman Cousins

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mohandas Gandhi

What is Forgiveness – How to Forgive Someone or Forgive Yourself?

Nearly three thousand years ago, an individual named Siddhārtha Gautama, known primarily as “The Buddha” is recorded saying,

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

The author of Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz, stated:

Forgiveness, when it is real and genuine and complete, and forgotten—is the scalpel which can remove the pus from old emotional wounds, heal them, and eliminate scar tissue. Forgiveness which is partial, or half-hearted, works no better than a partially completed surgical operation on the face.

Let Go of the Past By Knowing How to Forgive Someone Using Hypnosis to Forgive and Forget

Knowing how to forgive and some powerful how to forgive steps to letting go once and for all is what makes the real difference in your personal development. Too often we hold on to the past and instead of deciding to let go and actively begin the process of forgiving yourself, we allow ourselves to stay hard-hearted. Ultimately this just slows you down and it actually costs you more emotional energy holding onto that old hurt than it actually would to just forgive and forget. But there is a specific process for this that is covered in the Full Forgiveness process that teaches you to forgive and forget.

Forgiving Yourself is the Only Way to Self-Acceptance

It is not uncommon to hear the opinion that forgiveness be used as an emotional weapon – to be better than an enemy or wrongdoer. This is like a lie that is 97% true, but the 3% falsehood still makes it a lie. Don’t get caught up in trying in vain to make someone else feel your pain, just let it go completely. Full Forgiveness empowers you to drop the hot coal that has been burning you. It cuts out, eradicates, cancels, and makes the wrong as if it had never been. Some people may have learned or perceived forgiveness equals weakness. Yet, which truly takes a stronger person? Forgiveness is a process you can begin today using this guided imagery and hypnosis audio program to take personality responsibility for resolving the past. Right now, you can begin creating ripples in life, and the ripples when set in affect will spread outward affecting the lives of many others.


Forgive and forget -let go of the past by forgiving yourself or forgive someone else using the Full Forgiveness program.



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