How to Use NLP Synesthesias and Your Five Senses To Your Advantage in Self Development

What are Synesthesias in Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

A synesthstesia in NLP is a neurologically-based phenomenon in which stimulation of one of the five senses results in an automatic and involuntary experience in a different sense. Synesthesias can be powerful additions to your personal self development process and self development activities when you learn how to mix the five senses and anchor in the sensations.

Here’s an example: See a chocolate truffle and your mouth begins to water. Or you could smell chocolate and experience the same. For some people, just reading these words about chocolate is causing their mouths to water… 😉

Funny huh? 🙂

Or if chocolate isn’t your thing try pizza, a burrito, or your favorite snack…

Now, on the other hand sometimes NLP synesthesias aren’t the most beneficial:

That’s when hearing your boss’ voice gives you the chills or looking at an audience that you will be addressing causes you to feel shaky inside. A common one is when a couple has been together for a certain amount of time and they begin to “mind-read” each other and assume that certain likes have specific meanings. We’ve probably all experienced that look from our significant other that causes us to feel defensive. But, you don’t have to…

You may have been thinking that synesthesia symptoms were more like hearing the color orange or smelling the note G but there are different types of synesthesia that are much more subtle and common affecting us on a daily basis.

Creating Powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming Strategies Utilizing NLP Synesthesias

Most personal development coaches who use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or Ericksonian hypnosis with their clients should understand that synesthstesias are elicited in powerful strategies. Some examples of synesthesia a non-beneficial strategy might look like this:

Visual External > (-) Kinesthetic Internal

So, an explanation of the formula above could be seeing something or someone that causes a person to have a negative or undesirable feeling internally (emotion or body sensation like tightness in the stomach or weakness in the knees). While a beneficial strategy could look like this:

Visual External > Kinesthetic Internal

The only difference between a beneficial strategy and a non-beneficial strategy is simply how you feel internally. Yep, those emotions again. 🙂

Nearly every time that I work with a client I use synesthstesia to link positive emotions around a situation. It would feel great to find that every time you saw your boss or heard your boss’s voice that you felt a sense of calm, confident clarity wash over your body, wouldn’t it? Or, the moment you left work you suddenly begin to feel a great desire to go exercise… 🙂

There are lots of options! And, a lot can be changed in your life by learning how to control synesthstesias. If you see how I can help, just let me know.

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