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Be Confident, Happy, Peaceful – Exceed Goals, Create Success and Experience Achievements – Find Motivation, Think Positive, Make Wise Choices and Live! Take Charge of Your Personal Development Using Hypnosis and NLP to Transform Your Life.





Looking for free self hypnosis downloads or ways to apply NLP techniques to your personal development then the MJE app is the best self help app for you!

The free self hypnosis app includes in-app download access to the following hypnosis downloads: Experience Trance, Intro to NLP, and Disappearing Cancer. Additionally, there are 30 more self hypnosis downloads as in-app purchases within the MJE personal development app. If you have questions or concerns about hypnosis, I believe that all hypnosis is in fact self-hypnosis, and you effectively hypnotize yourself by responding to the information coming from your external environment. If you want to learn self hypnosis, you can do so following the live exercises given inside of my hypnosis downloads. Hypnosis is a natural, safe and powerful method to solving internal challenges. For my programs and you’re learning self hypnosis to be most effective, you simply need the following components: 1. You must feel motivated and have something to “lose” if you don’t get the results you desire 2. You are going to find yourself relaxing unlike anything you’ve experienced before; 3. You will find yourself naturally focused and fixating upon the topic you are resolving;
The term personal development is represents specific actions, learning-experiences and behaviors intended to enhance one’s sense of self-awareness, to enhance one’s concepts of personal identity, to develop latent talents and abilities, to realize one’s potential, and to become an individual who contributes something of value and is compensated well for it in return. It seems there happen to be countless approaches to personal development including online and offline tools and a variety of different techniques, however the most powerful and comprehensive approaches to personal development I have encountered are NLP neuro-linguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis.
NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is a communication model and a model for modeling behavior in which the premise is that language affects conscious and unconscious response and behavior within the human body. Hypnosis is the process of creating fixation within another person or within one’s self and the effectiveness of hypnosis becomes greatly compounded when the hypnotherapist is aware of NLP techniques and the way the NLP language patterns to shift internal responses and behavior.
An individual’s internal representation is based upon linguistic constructs that give or deny permission for various experiences. The words we tell ourselves and the words we internally hear from other voices in our lives can be very powerful and often determine our identify, beliefs, purpose and behaviors. If we have experiences that seem to limit us, then it is important to pay attention to internal dialogue. But the internal dialogue is only one of the factors, as we also have visual internal representations that appear in our mind’s eye in the form of mental movies, images, and scenarios that are as vivid as any Hollywood move production. If you want to change the quality of your life, then you must learn how to change the quality of your internal representations.
In all of my hypnosis downloads for self hypnosis, NLP techniques and personal development, I apply powerful meditation music. This meditation music is more than just looped soundtracks as it has been integrated with specific brainwave frequencies that cause brainwave entrainment in order to safely cause altered states of consciousness within the listener.




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