January 6, 2011

Using NLP as a Success Strategy for Personal Development

In the field of NLP, a strategy is any internal and external set of experiences which consistently result in a specific outcome. Every person has a strategy for learning, teaching, motivation, procrastination, spelling, reading, loving, hating, and any other observable behavior. Since most strategies are rarely created a conscious level, certain strategies may need to be updated from time to time.

NLP Techniques Success Strategy

A powerful and effective way to create and change NLP strategies is by using the Attention Shifting NLP and hypnosis personal development programs.

Unconscious strategies tend to involve synesthesias...

...a blending of one or more of a person's five sense. When combined together, synesthesias form strategies and these are ultimately what determine a person's internal and external behavior. I share an overview of NLP synesthesias and strategies in the following video:

Defining NLP Strategies for Personal Development

What if you had to speak to a group of people. Here is the way an empowering NLP strategy could be notated: Ve > Ai > K+

NLP Synesthesia - NLP Strategy

The example to the left represents a designed strategy to feel confident and focused. The trigger is the (visual external) sight of the audience, and the (internal auditory) sound of applause enables or causes the (kinesthetic) feelings of confidence and focus. This sequence can become collapsed and chained so that just the mere sight of the audience results in an individual feeling confident and focused.

This is NLP anchoring, which is also applied classical conditioning. Instead of allowing conditioning to happen by default as in the case of Pavlov?s salivating dog, you can do it by design in order to control your emotional state and behavior. By applying NLP techniques and models to your life you?ll be able to evaluate your progress and behavior in any given aspect of your life and create a new and empowering strategy for success.

Enhance Your Life Through Personal Development Coaching With An NLP Coach

My guess is that there's at least one area in your life, or a specific situation, that you would like to change - if only you knew how... For some people, they might immediately think of one or several things to change in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. Others may need to continue thinking about this for a few days (probably paying attention to what they didn't want to experience, but have been) until they clearly realize how life can be different for them. In the Attention Shifting NLP audio programs I have addressed several major challenges in life, and amazing opportunities for personal development.

One of the most immediate and invaluable ways to begin using NLP strategies to take control of specific areas in your life can be found in the Attention Shifting personal development programs. If you like the flexibility of mobile device apps (iPhone, iPad, Android) then install the Attention Shifting Apps. Begin using NLP today as a key component of your personal strategy for success.

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