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The Attention Shifting programs contain elements of self hypnosis, guided meditation, creative visualization, neuro-linguistic programming and guided imagery are integrated with the most appropriate spiritual meditation music using binaural beats and brainwave entrainment to create the perfect soundscape for your inner personal development work.

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a student nlp brainwave frequencies
A+ Student 1.0 – Brainwave Frequencies For Studying & Test-Taking
This hypnosis download contains a guided imagery portion to help student retain information and then meditation music with specific brainwave entrainment frequencies shown to affect brainwave frequencies.
study skills
A+ Student 2.0: How to Study – Develop Study Skills and Test Better
The How to Study series address the major motivational pitfalls most students experience: time management issues, test-taking anxiety, and creating effective study habits.
advanced sports imagery
Advanced Sports Imagery: Applied Sports Psychology – Mental Toughness
Peak performance training for athletes. Use applied sports psychology techniques and sports hypnosis to change your game.
anger management hypnosis
Applying Anger – Hypnosis Anger Management Strategies For Rage
Experience anger management techniques that help the listener manage and channel anger in a constructive manner.
attracting wealth hypnosis
Attracting Wealth – Entrepreneur Definition of the Law of Attraction
Examine your values and beliefs surrounding wealth creation and harness the internal resources necessary to fuel your ingenuity.
clarity in life
Compelling Clarity – Self Hypnosis Downloads to Define Clarity
Clarity can be elusive for many people and for this reason they falter in life’s various decisions. When you have clarity in purpose, then important decisions make them selves automatically.
confidence hypnosis download
Complete Confidence 1.0 – Confidence Building NLP Techniques
People are not born confident. It is a learned behavior that has to do with how we process information in our environments, conduct self-assessments based upon past experiences and chose to act.
psychology of confidence
Complete Confidence 2.0 – NLP Techniques for Self Confidence
Utilize powerful NLP techniques to wrap emotional layers around your body. This process includes chaining NLP anchors in a powerful way to give the listener instant access to confidence.
creative visualization
Creative Space – Creative Ideas and A Way to Be Creative Using Hypnosis
A creative approach for the technically-minded. Place yourself in the white room of your mind and employ your creative approach.
sleep hypnosis
Deep Sleep 1.0 – The Cure for Insomnia is Sleep Hypnosis
Meditation music and subtle sounds create a white noise background along with guided imagery to help the listener fall asleep quickly.
sleep ritual hypnosis
Deep Sleep 2.0 – Go to Sleep and Sleep Well Using Hypnosis for Sleep
Falling asleep easily is dependent upon a sleep ritual and understanding the basic needs necessary to create the proper internal and external environments necessary for sleep.
cancer hypnosis
Disappearing Cancer – Free Guided Meditation with Music
A free hypnosis download to help individuals suffering from the symptoms of cancer to find emotional and spiritual relief.
find determination to succeed
Dynamic Determination 1.0 – Be Self Motivated and End the Lack of Motivation
An upbeat approach to using NLP for motivation. A quick charge up perfect for sales people and entrepreneurs.
how to be more motivated
Dynamic Determination 2.0 – Get Motivated with Achievement Motivation
The next installment of determination using specific NLP linguistic patterns to enhance to the subtle dynamics of motivation.
meditation to end day
End Your Day Perfectly – Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques
Decompress from the day and let go so that you can fall asleep. A perfect reset for challenging days.
learn how to express yourself better
Expressive Personality 2.0 – Improve Communication Skills
A perfect tool to rehearse emotional states and learn to transfer the kinesthetic experiences of words to various parts in the listener’s body. Effective for communicators and actors.
how does hypnosis work
Experience Trance – Milton Erickson’s Self Hypnosis Techniques
A free hypnosis download overview of conversational hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnosis.
hypnosis for depression
From Depression to Hope – Self Hypnosis to Stop Feeling Blue and Change Emotions
You are in control of your emotional states. This program will cause you to experience a spectrum of emotions that will move you out of depression.
how to forgive
Full Forgiveness – Learn How to Forgive and Forget and Let Go
A special environment is created in which you can review past offenses and situations that have been holding you back. Let it all go and move on with this guided imagery program.
healing the inner chile
Healing the Inner Child 1.0 – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Healing the inner child is an important “first step” in one’s personal development journey. Reconnect with your internal source of innocence and inspiration.
jung child archetype
Healing the Inner Child 2.0 – Self Acceptance to Heal Low Self Esteem
Many people suffer from low self esteeming that is related to past experiences that have not been healed. Heal yourself and accept yourself in order to move forward in life.
how to visualize
How to Visualize – Creative Visualization Techniques for Mental Imagery
The major complain that most people who try NLP techniques or guided imagery is that they don’t know how to visualize. Using this series you will train yourself how to visualize and unlock your inner resources.
what is NLP
Intro to NLP – What Is NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Use this free NLP download to understand the overall basis for all of the Attention Shifting audio programs and neuro-linguistic programming.
how to change your luck
Just Your Luck – An Internal Locus of Control for Personal Responsibility
The moment that you assume personal responsibility for shaping and directing all experiences toward the ultimate outcomes you desire, you transform your life.
enhance your focus
Pure Focus – Beyond Brain Games, Mind Games and Brain Training
If you are having problems staying focused on projects or what to do next in your life, then use this program to remove those barriers and harness your willpower.
how to stop procrastination
Put Off Procrastination 1.0 – What is Procrastination and Stop Procrastinating
Procrastinating behavior kills opportunity. In most cases procrastination is related to the fear of failure and the words we use to describe experiences. Stop being a procrastinator by using this program now to take control!
techniques to stop procrastinating
Put Off Procrastination 2.0 – The Key to Success is State Management
This variation of procrastination management focuses upon the kinesthetic and visual dynamics associated with procrastinating behavior.
how to reimprint yourself
Re-Imprinting Yourself – How to Build Self Esteem and Self Worth
Break free from the conditioning limitations of your environment and culture. Use your own mind control to re-condition your mind as you want.
hypnosis for PTSD
Reclaim Your Life from PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Panic Attack
Manage stress and PTSD symptoms through guided imagery and self hypnosis techniques proven to calm one’s mind and nervous system.
release stress relaxation hypnosis
Release Stress – Stress Management and Stress Relief
Stress management techniques based in conversational hypnosis creating an environment in which you can just let go for 20 minutes or so and relax.
how to feel motivated
Sheer Resolve – Will Power to Courageously Pursue What Motivates You
There are certain things in life that demand immediate action and willpower. Use this NLP program to power through the most challenging circumstances.
daily meditation to start day
Start Your Day Right – Guided Meditation Techniques for Inner Peace
Energizing meditation music and meditation techniques that will fill you will motivation and inspiration to stay true to your bigger path and aspirations.
the call hero's journey guided imagery
The Call – The Hero’s Journey and A Rite of Passage for Men
Throwing down the gauntlet for men to wake up and take control of their lives. Do something worthwhile with your time and put the petty distractions aside.
transpersonal meditation
Transpersonal Meditation – How to Meditate with Chakra Meditation Music
Powerful meditation music and guided meditations brings the listener through the wisdom of the 7 major chakras and beyond into the realm of the transpersonal for insight and inspiration.

All These Hypnosis Downloads and Many More Audio Programs Are Available in the Attention Shifting App

This app is free to install and contains a combination of nearly 200 different personal development, hypnosis, NLP, guided imagery and brainwave frequencies. New content is added to the app routinely.

More About Attention Shifting

Hypnosis Downloads Are A Powerful Personal Growth Tool

I do my best to apply NLP techniques to conversational hypnosis patterns through the form of questions that cause you to experience a trans-derivational search (TDS) as you go inward to discover your own answers. Whether you are looking for hypnosis downloads or hypnosis apps, it is my intention that you find more than just one of these self improvement resources in my work.



The Personal Development Programs Can Be Downloaded As MP3 Audio Files or iPhone, iPad or Android Apps



Meditation versus Hypnosis versus Visualization versus Guided Imagery versus Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP )




Is it meditation, hypnosis, visualization, guided imagery or what when you close your eyes and go inside? I personally believe the outcome is more important than the terminology…

Ram Dass in the Journey of Awakening alludes to meditation being centered upon intentionality. Per Dass, one can meditate while running, dancing, cleaning house or sitting still. As I understand meditation, it is the process of observing one’s mind and the content it generates; to not get caught in the emotions of that content but to acknowledge and let go. Recent scientific studies on brainwave frequencies have shown that meditation alters brainwave frequency which directly affects consciousness.




Visualization is a naturally occurring process in which internal content (generally visual) is focused upon and changed or manipulated. An engineer can visualize a schematic, an artist can visualize a sequence of phases through which a sculpture must undergo, and an athlete can visualize a successful performance. What happens with many people is they get caught up in the emotions of the moment which are typically not empowering and they visualize failed sequences or negative outcomes. The person’s physiology responds to the hypothetical negatives and the person begins to lose what is referred to as state management. Essentially they rehearse the wrong outcome and perfect it. Visualization can actually include the five senses and is not just left to the visual modality.




Hypnosis is similar to meditation in that fact that it also alters brainwave frequencies but the difference is very important. Meditation is the process of letting go and objectively observing one’s own mind while hypnosis is the process of letting go of attempting to control your mind while following instructions from a third party. The key difference here is that meditation attempts to reach a state of objective non-action while, on the other hand, hypnosis is very action-oriented in that a skilled hypnotherapist will guide clients toward specific outcomes based upon the context of a hypnotherapy session.



Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is similar to hypnosis in that a third party is guiding an individual through a process, but it lacks a change in brainwave frequency. In fact, it is as simple as me instructing you to “think about a red car” and in order for you to process this instruction you have had to think about a red car. Now, guided imagery can certainly turn into hypnosis through the process of what is common referred to as trance induction which is an alteration of brainwave frequencies typically from a beta wave frequency range down into a theta or delta frequency range.



Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP )

NLP is a later development that evolved out of hypnosis and the trance phenomenon. It is a model for understand and mapping subjective human behavior and it also gives an individual control over one’s internal representations (mental movies, self talk, feelings, etc.). In my work neuro-linguistic programming brings precision to the language patterns and the words that I use. The field of NLP has been vehemently attacked in the USA but it is the only field that gives insights into the dynamics of subjective experience and how to alter perception through the use of NLP submodalities.



Attention Shifting Personal Development Programs When You Put It All Together…

For me, this work is about state management. Whether you use hypnosis or meditation, you most likely have in mind a different version of yourself than the one you are currently experiencing. Meditation is like emptying the cup and I recommend my brainwave frequency programs with meditation music to do so as they have no vocal instructions.

Once the cup is empty, fill it with better resources and this is where guided imagery, hypnosis, NLP and visualization come into play. Together and throughout my work, my goal is to provide you with powerful internal resources that shape your external reality. I do so using brainwave frequencies, binaural beats, NLP language precision, conversational hypnosis and meditation music to empower you to create the person you know you can be…

So if you are looking for some of the best hypnosis downloads or a hypnosis MP3 to change your life, spiritual meditation music to feed your soul, or guided imagery downloads that will compel you to take action… You have found the right place for NLP techniques, guided imagery, meditation music, hypnosis downloads and your personal development.


Free Hypnosis MP3s for Deep hypnotic Experiences

One might even think it is funny that it’s possible to be searching for something like hypnosis for sleep, the best hypnosis website, or tutorials on how to do self hypnosis… and you’re now here reading this page. The learning and the personal breakthrough you will experience the moment you hear my voice in the headphones will be something unrivaled…

You’ll remember this day clearly for the rest of your life as the important period in time you made a decision and looking back it may have been an investment of time and money, but over the years it has payed off in ways that are priceless. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the best free self hypnosis downloads just cannot compare to the Attention Shifting programs. Good things cost money because they are made with professionalism and integrity.

There are plenty of YouTube sleep hypnosis, street hypnosis YouTube videos, and other self hypnosis online videos that can be downloaded. The best, ultra deep hypnosis occurs through NLP language patterns, brainwave frequency music and Ericksonian hypnosis. There are no cliche inductions needed… only you’re willing to transform now aren’t you.



Hypnosis Audio Programs

The best part about your personal development journey is that you never know how far a change will go. Some people begin with major problems, minor annoyances or distant daydreams and they end up on an entirely different path that utilizes all of their learning experiences. Sometimes, problems aren’t problems…

They are signs that you are ready to transform and the difficulties endured are evidence that you are transforming and one can’t help but change. Even instant changes are possible, and realistically speaking we’re all changing from day to day. The power of the Attention Shifting programs is that they help you to place past limitations into the distance while empowering you to keep your focus upon your desires, goals and objectives.

The Attention Shifting NLP and hypnosis downloads do require active participation – even while in an altered state – so be prepared for a pleasant surprise…


Hypnosis for most people is really about de-hypnosis. Observing and consciously changing old patterns and beliefs that had dominated one’s lifetime.


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You know what to do.

See you on the inside.



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